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Learn how to Start & Grow your business, from idea generation to acquiring your first customer. 

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If you think starting a business or growing an existing one is challenging, then! You are wrong.

By the end of this training, you will be able to create a business plan in 3 minutes and launch your business in a Month 

We use simple language to explain topics covered, then provide you with workbooks to launch your own business. 

We covered all the required business concepts to start and grow any business, after the training you will be comfortable with the following:

  1. Set your life goals and tailor your business to attain the goals
  2. Come up with unique business ideas
  3. Create a business plan in 3 minutes
  4. Identify your customers’ problems and solve them with your products and services
  5. Create a brand and marketing strategy for your business
  6. Launch your marketing campaign on Facebook 

All the above-listed topics are covered in detail in this training, but we don’t just teach you, we will watch over you as you put them to practice. Stroll down for details. 

Candid talk!

The richest company in the world started with an idea and since you are here, then you are there.

The time to start is now, defeat procrastination and let’s get started. The course contains all the required business concepts needed by any business to be successful and a step-by-step training approach plus mentorship until you get it right.

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Module 1

Leadership & Creativity

Module one is about becoming a leader and an innovator at the same time, it focuses on the mindset needed as a business owner to succeed. The topics covered are listed below.

  • Leadership
  • Proactivty
  • Goals setting
  • Understanding others
  • Win / Win Strategy
  • Priority setting
  • Creating synergy
  • Sharpen the saw
  • Creative tools
  • Lateral thinking
  • Six thinking hats
  • Six serving men

Module 2

Idea generation & Business model

In this module, we will dive into how to generate, evaluate and choose unique and profitable business ideas,  also how to understand your customers and provide solutions to problems they care about and how to convert your idea into a profitable and scalable business model. The topics covered are listed below.

  • Ideas generation
  • Ideas generating avenue
  • Evaluating your ideas
  • Small win concepts
  • Think big, but start small
  • Business model
  • Business plan vs Business model
  • Introduction to the canvas
  • Business model building block
  • Recreating Jumia’s business model
  • Jumia’s buyers segment
  • Jumia’s seller segments
  • Jumia’s resellers segment
  • Value Proposition
  • Get familiar with your customers using Personas
  • Understand their needs with Jobs, Pains and Gains canvas
  • Understand their state of mind with Jobs context and Buyer journey
  • Solve their problem with Value map canvas
  • Example: Recreate value proposition for Jumia’s buyers segment

Module 3

Becoming business model designer

We are all used to creating a business plan for our business idea, but what if you create a better one than the one you already have? In this module, we will explore how to come up with different business plans for a single business idea and choose the best one from it. The topics covered are listed below.

  • Designing a better business model
  • Adding other elements to your business model with trigger questions
  • Measuring the profitabilty of your business model by adding numbers to it.
  • Understanding your business model environment, plan for the threats and take advantage of the opportunities.
  • Avoid creating unwanted products and services with Business model fits
  • Understand your Partners & Competitors business structure using Business model canvas
  • Improve your existing business using Business model canvas
  • Create uncontested market space for your business using Blue Ocean Strategy
  • An example of a better business model with Jumia Prime

Module 4

Creating emotional connections with your customers with Corporate branding

Branding is what allows your products and services to live in the heads of your customers, it’s what makes your product and services irreplaceable to your customer. This module will explain corporate branding and will simplify the process of creating brand strategy with brand identity canvas. The topics covered in this module are listed below.

  • Benefits of corporate branding
  • Who is branding for
  • Components of brand strategy
  • Creating brand strategy with brand identity canvas
  • Getting deeper understanding of your product and services with Features benefits canvas
  • Creating your positioning statement with 5 box positioning canvas
  • Understand your competitors’ strength and weakness with competitors analysis canvas

Module 5

Knowing what, when, who, where, why, and how to market your products and services with a marketing plan.

The best product will fail without a good marketing plan, although coming up with a good marketing plan can be tasking and time-consuming, however, our marketing canvas workbook simplified the process. The topics covered in this module are listed below.

  • Components of a good marketing plan
  • Preparing ground for your marketing strategy with Situation analysis
  • Creating marketing strategy with Marketing strategy canvas
  • Identify marketing mediums and what to be done with Marketing tactics canvas
  • Breaking marketing law with Marketing hack canvas
  • Know what to say and how to say it to make your customer take action with Copy writing

Module 6

Facebook marketing: Taking advantage of the most affordable marketing platform on the planet

While Facebook marketing is the best marketing option for small businesses, many are not getting marketing results with it. This module will explain what you need to do to start getting results quickly. The topics covered in this module are listed below.

  • Understanding Facebook
  • Facebook Ads structure
  • Understand Facebook algorithm for better marketing decisions
  • Facebook Ads relevancy and it’s consequences
  • Types of audiences and when to use them
  • Facebook Ads best practices
  • Setting up for success
  • Creating Facebook business manager’s account
  • Introduction to business manager environment
  • Install Facebook pixel for better marketing results
  • Testing installed pixel
  • Track the activities on your website with pixel
  • Optimize your Ads with Pixel
  • Create Ads on Facebook
  • Implementing marketing funnel for better results
  • Understand Facebook algorithm for better marketing decisions
  • Creating awareness campaign with saved audience
  • Improve your awareness campaign with Lookalike audience
  • Creating multiple campaigns for each funnel stage
  • Optimizing your Ads to improve result and reduce cost


Six Training Modules

Gain access to six training modules with over 40 lessons across 7 business disciplines. Each lesson was carefully explained with examples to deepen the understanding.

High-quality business workbooks

Over 40 business workbooks are available for download to implement the knowledge gained in the course into your business.

Live interactive workshop on Miro

Free live interactive workshop on Business modeling, Value proposition, Customer journey mapping on

Startup project management template on Notion

Project management template to implementation your business ideas and assistance on challenges on Notion

Additional benefits for taking the course

There are no limits to what you can achieve with the knowledge you will acquire from the course, but a few are mentioned below to buttress our point.

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Satisfaction guarantee


We won’t stop until you are satisfied, exploring every available channel and option to make you happy. The concept of keeping business promises was thought in the course, and we shall walk our talk.

Value of the course outside startup pro

  • Ideas generation and validation NGN 57,000

    Creative thinking and Problem solving techniques

  • Business mode canvas NGN 190,000

    Developed by Alex Osterwalder

  • Value proposition NGN 190,000

    Developed by Alex Osterwalder

  • Marketing strategy NGN 390,000

    Training concept from : Nick Shackelford, Dennis Yu, Hubspot and F.B Blueprint

  • Total Worth NGN 827,000

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